Studio Theolin
A design studio specialising in events and experiences promoting human interaction and serendipitous moments.


Leading and connecting people and ideas

Jenny Theolin

Jenny Theolin


Creating events and experiences designed to get people thinking, talking and doing since 2009.

In our modern economy almost any job in the creative industries can be done at a digital distance. We embrace technology, but we also help our clients work with humans. We move from leader to teammate in a moments notice. We make things happen through a learning mindset in everything we do.

Leading and connecting people and ideas

Collaborative approach working with the highest skilled creatives, copywriters, designers, change agents, production managers, illustrators, animators, producers, film-makers, artists, event managers, PR professionals, management consultants, and other magicians solving problems creatively for our clients.

Founded in 2009 by Jenny Theolin.

Jenny Theolin

Experienced designer and educator creating learning experiences for individuals, schools and businesses within areas such as technology, design thinking, communication, innovation, culture and entrepreneurship.

With eighteen years experience working in the design industry, Jenny can now be found working with some of the world’s leading schools, as well as helping corporate companies become learning organisations through co-designing internal processes and programs through her Studio.

Jenny recently joined Group of Humans, a distributed curated network of the best designers, strategists, technologists, and creatives in the world, all of whom share a belief that technology should be harnessed not for efficiency but for the benefit of people, society and the environment.



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