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LONDON, 2014



A stunning and truly creative collaboration with Creative Advice Network, 10 artists – and award winning photographer Jonathan Knowles.

The introduction of the word ‘selfie’ into the Oxford English Dictionary marked a huge change for the world of portrait photography, brought about by the flood of self-portraiture across social media channels.

But is this how we really see ourselves? Does this truly reveal a part of ourselves to the viewer?

Looking to explore the current notions of the self portrait, #Bagsie sought out the talents and personal interpretations of 10 artists, asking each to draw/paint/create a self portrait on a paper bag that reflected their personality within.

I wonder how she ever gets a chance to sleep. With Jenny at the helm of a project, not only can you expect incredible results, but you can expect the un-expected. She takes any brief, any problem, any idea and makes it into something beautiful, something engaging and most of all something fun. She is the Queen of Creative Collaboration and will always seek out wonderful brains to work with on her projects.
— EMMA TAYLOR Owner, Creative Advice Network

The Artists 

Tash Willcocks
Tw/IG: @masalforduni
Instagram: Tash Willcocks | #mundaneaday

The Private View

The #Bagsie hashtag

Overview & PR

 Exhibition run: November 11th – 16th, 2014
• 10 Artists, 1 Photographer
• Private View (200 attendees)
• Hosted by The Proud Archivist
• Extensive PR Coverage
• Supported by GF Smith, Generation Press, Carling, Bowden, Jack Lowe Studio, Gareth-Pritchard Digital Retouching

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/ Jenny Theolin