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Berghs 75th Jubilee
October, 2016



In collaboration with The Cast (Thea Thyvi & Sophie Wesslau) – and Marcus Berggren, Katharina Sand och David Peiris (part of Studentbyrån behind ACT/REACT), we've opened a memory bank on Facebook and curated over 40 co-creators producing a YouTube playlist celebrating Berghs School of Communication's 75th anniversary. 

Berghs75 Group – on Facebook
Berghs75 Playlist – on YouTube
Berghs75 Week – Info: here

Feel free to make you own films, use the hashtag: #Berghs75

About Berghs

A professional and creative powerhouse in Sweden since its founding in 1941, Berghs’ global reputation continues to grow powerfully. Berghs’ graduates occupy senior strategic and creative positions at the world’s most influential agencies. Spearheading some of the international advertising and communications industries most important developments, their groundbreaking work regularly earns worldwide acclaim and awards.

The international advertising industry’s Awards body Cannes Future Lions, voted Berghs the Best Advertising School in the World not once, not twice, but four times – in 2016, 2014, 2011 and 2010. 

The Project

For Bergh's 75th anniversary, Berghs wanted to do something special, our brief was to create a 'communicative product'.  We started the process with a series of workshops trying to define what that was. A book? A website? We ended up taking to the streets (well, email mostly), and contacted the wider Berghs community and network, and together with them, we co-created aYouTube playlist featuring them sharing their stories and memories from spending time at the school.

We also started a dedicated #Berghs75 Facebook group, which grew to a fantastic memory bank of stories, photos and memorabilia from alumni and ex-co-workers. If you're an alumni, co-worker or consider yourself a 'Berghsare', come join the fun on our dedicated Facebook page too!

Our part of this project has now ended, but Berghs have organised a big celebration week full of events. RSVP here

Berghs75 – on Facebook

Berghs75 – on YouTube

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Berghs75 – Selected films

Berghs75 – Jubilee Week


25 October 2016

27 October 2016

26 October 2016

28 October 2016

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