Hyper Island MA Business Transformation Project

MA part-time Stockholm students + programme manager Jenny (me!)

MA part-time Stockholm students + programme manager Jenny (me!)

During the past month industry expert Stina Carlsson Reich and I have been designing a 2 month part-time Business Transformation project for our Hyper Island MA students. As with all projects during the Taught part of the MA Digital Management programme, it's split over two 3-day sessions. Here is a summary of the first 3-days.

About the Business Transformation Project – As digital technologies continue to disrupt every element of our lives, the effect that they have on the business world is massive. The birth and death rate of companies increases as old, established, slow corporations are ousted by young, agile startups.

In this highly-connected, culturally-fragmented, ever-changing world, what do businesses need to do to survive and thrive? What do modern businesses look like? What should they look like in the future?

In this project we explore the interplay between businesses, their customers and their markets, and focus on the changes that businesses need to make in order to create and sustain value for all stakeholders. We also learn how change is internalised and championed inside organisations, and strategies for overcoming the likely barriers that will arise.



Industry Leader

Stina Carlsson Reich

Stina Carlsson Reich

Stina Carlsson Reich, Head of Business Design & Partner @ Doberman

2017 is the year Stina Carlsson Reich can look back and celebrate 20 years working with business transformation. It’s all about doing what she loves - designing digital experiences which improve our everyday lives. 

Stina's passion for digital strategies started in Y2000 at Razorfish. Previously a Management Consultant in Strategy, resolving challenges at Ernst & Young and Cap Gemini with clients such as Telia and Ericsson.

Today as Head of Business Design & Partner at Experience Design Agency Doberman, some of the challenges include:

  • Enabling teachers and students to play Minecraft to learn – with Mojang/Microsoft.
  • Defining the future digital experiences for financial institutions - with SEB.
  • Helping 250.000 Scandinavians reach their health and fitness goals – with SATS.
  • Empowering children and their donors around the world – with SOS Children villages.
  • Creating the future of insurances in a digital world - with Folksam.
  • Transforming gaming experiences – with Betsson and ATG.
Workshop / Student Notes

Workshop / Student Notes

Guest speakers & facilitators

Martin Randler

Martin Randler

Martin Randler, Chief Digital Officer, Folksam

With experiences from TUI and Folksam, Martin shared his learnings on how to create lasting change, and what enables true transformation in the digital era. The students also recieved a challenging group brief.

Lisa Lindström

Lisa Lindström

Lisa Lindström, CEO, Doberman

Lisa Lindström is the CEO of Experience Design Firm Doberman with offices in Stockholm and New York and have been appointed Sweden's Service Innovator of the year and listed as one of the top 10 female leaders in Sweden. Lisa has been Senior Strategic Advisor for many of Doberman’s largest international clients through the years.

Lisa is chairman of the board of SVID, the Swedish Industrial Design Foundation and Utbildningsradion (UR).

Beyond this, Lisa is a popular speaker and workshop leader on strategic design and customer experience within organisational transformation and leadership.

Lisa Lindström

Lisa Lindström

Lisa's session included how to lead true transformation in our Customer Experience society; Inspiration what leadership skills will be required in leading digital transformation the next 10 years, from the first line to the boardroom. How does prototyping, purpose and user centricity affect leadership and culture? And much more.

Lydia Winters

Lydia Winters

Lydia Winters, Head of Brand, Mojang

Lydia's session outlined the experience in building the Minecraft experience first at Mojang and then at Mojang/MS.

Her talk included:

  • Her key learnings in this journey. 
  • Thoughts on growing the Minecraft experience and business from game to education to a movie.
  • Key learnings coming from a small very agile company into the world of Microsoft, focus on the strengths it has given, but also share key hurdles and how you overcome them.
  • Pros and cons in 'small agile close to community' vs 'larger‘.
  • Thoughts on leadership and culture as key driver in delivering exceptional experiences.
  • Transformation based on staying close to users /players/community.
  • Understanding expansion in value chain and the potential of brands.
  • Perspectives on transformation in buy-outs.
  • Leading one of the world's strongest brands.
  • And more!
Malcolm Larri

Malcolm Larri

Malcolm Larri, Owner at Brave Personal Development / Head of Operations Coordinatum

Malcolm is a Master Practitioner of NLP and has been coaching people since 1997. He is also Head of Operations for an event management company conducting B2B events across Europe.

In his session, Managing Change & The Art of Pitching, Malcolm outlined the 3 fundamental elements of managing change and provided insights and skills on how pitch in the most influential way to get buy in on change, and lead people through the change process.

Change Management models are just a vehicle. If the model doesn't fit, change it!

Change Management models are just a vehicle. If the model doesn't fit, change it!

People are faced with an enormous amount of change in their lives and almost zero training on how to deal with it! In my work as a personal and professional coach I now spend most of my time with clients helping them to manage change and influence others in the change process.
— Malcolm Larri
Malcolm Larri's workshop

Malcolm Larri's workshop

Student notes

Student notes

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Head of Jury, Digital Design @ Visuelt, 2017

In March, I am off to Visuelt, the Norwegian National Design & Illustration awards again – this year taking on the head of jury role for the category of Digital Design. In GREAT company and really looking forward to see what Norway 2017 has to offer.

Fellow jurors in the Digital Design category:

Silja Langebraaten / Bakken & Bæck (
Babtiste Ringot (
Randi Larsen / Studio Larsen (
Lucas Cueni / Schibsted (

For more information about all the category jurors (there are 25 of us!), visit the Visuelt website.



Communication Design 2

Berghs Communication Design 2.jpg

This year I am running a 2-month full-time course at Berghs School of Communication. And we have just had our first day of lectures!

The course outline of 30 lessons includes lectures, workshops and tasks around the subjects:

  • Service Design
  • UX
  • Information Design
  • Spatial Design
  • Storytelling

And I have an amazing number of collaborators to make it come alive!


  • 5 weeks
  • 30 lessons (90 hours)
  • 5 briefs
  • 9+ collaborators
  • 24 students

And sponsorship from: 

Canon –
Dreamquest –

Very excited!



Hyper Island MA Digital Technologies Project

Ashkan Fardost in lecture-mode

Ashkan Fardost in lecture-mode

During the past month industry expert Ashkan Fardost and I have been designing a 2 month part-time Digital Technologies project for our Hyper Island MA students. As with all projects, it's split over two 3-day sessions.

About the Digital Technologies project – The methods, tools and platforms for designing, prototyping, developing and distributing technical solutions are evolving at a very rapid pace, as is the complexity of such work. 

This project will develop your critical understanding of the opportunities, challenges and complexities of the use of digital technologies for organisations, clients, consumers and society. This won’t make you into a developer or a creative technologist, but is designed to extend your strategic knowledge through the exploration of current and emerging technology trends in order to produce research-informed prototypes that are designed to solve real world issues.

The aims of this project are to; explore the key ideas and complexities of “making things” in digital in order to solve real-world problems, understand the potential disruptive impacts of current and future digital technologies upon society, critically examine the ethics of digital solutions, data and personal privacy and consider the economic value of technology. 

I relish this stuff. I coo over gadgets, take delight in each new miracle app. Like an addict, I check my Twitter timeline the moment I wake up. And often I wonder: is all this really good for me? For us? None of these things have been foisted upon humankind – we’ve merrily embraced them. But where is it all leading? If technology is a drug – and it does feel like a drug – then what, precisely, are the side-effects?
— Charlie Brooker, Black Mirror

Industry Leader

Dr. Ashkan Fardost, Scientist & Global Professional Speaker

Ashkan’s digital journey began in the early 2000’s, when he created music with software and hacked Napster to land a record deal with EMI and Armada Music as a 17-year old. This made him realize that the digital revolution was going to change everything. Industry after industry would be turned upside down.

Ever since, he’s been studying how technology affects industries, societies and human behavior.
After his music journey, Ashkan entered the world of scientific innovation by obtaining a PhD in chemical engineering from Uppsala University. At the same time, Ashkan got involved with the startup community as both a founder and a consultant.

Today, Ashkan is a global speaker, consultant and investor. He’s also a regular guest on Swedish national television discussing how technology affects society.

AI prototyping workshop

AI prototyping workshop

Sessions with Ashkan Fardost

Ashkan presented the landscape of our world through a technology lens. How does technology evolve, and which technologies are emerging around us – and how will they impact industries, societies and human behavior. We discussed which mindset should have to thrive in a world of constant and accelerating change through technology. 

Ashkan also took the students on a journey through the world of big data, AI and things related. Understanding how AI and big data are related, and how they can be used in everyday situations. Plus demonstrated some tools that are available for deploying AI, machine learning.

Finally we took at look at Outcomes, Platforms and Ecosystems.  Ashkan’s presented his lens on how to predict the future, and/or develop products/services, and/or where to invest your efforts as a company. The aim was to understanding the relationship between outcomes (as in a very narrow and well-defined problem that can be solved with a product or service), platforms (whether your product/service should be a platform on its own or be part of an existing platform) and ecosystems (the relationship between businesses and segments on a macro perspective).

–> Linked In

Guest Speakers

Peter Selemark, CEO, Tannak

Peter joined us and shared his journey creating Tannak – and IoT product for reindeer herders. He shared the story of how two sami women founded a company to solve a very narrow problem in a very narrow niche, and how this has transformed into one of the most state of the art internet of things companies in the world. A deep understanding of the internet of things, and how solving difficult human problems with great user experience is what drives technology forward.

Tannak means “here and now” in Samí. Tannak is also the name of a small knoll with a beautiful view just above one of the Sirges Samí village settlements Saltoluokta on the southern part of Langa lake in Lappland. With their technology, the reindeer herder knows where the reindeer are located, “here and now”. With Herdview™ by Tannak you will take control of your herd. You can identify, monitor and track individuals and groups with modern technology. 

–> Linked In

Alessandro Icardi, Guest Workshop Facilitator

Alessandro Icardo (some of you met him tonight) has worked many years as a Marine Biologist (MA) in Scotland, specialising in deep sea research. During his BA he spent a month on Galapagos (OMG). Anyway, since moving to Stockholm he has graduated from the Digital Data Strategy programme at Hyper Island in 2015 and has been working mainly with start-ups on digital marketing and growth.

–> Linked In

Fredrik Degerman, Guest Workshop Facilitator

Fredrik Degerman is a Hyper Island alumni from the Digital Data Strategy programme as well, and is currently consulting in optimising usability at Conversionista! With an aim to climb 7A within 6 months (please hold him to that).

–> LinkedIn

During Hyper they co-founded the creative project The Big Hack together with 4 others at Hyper Island, and I'm VERY excited they're running our workshop tomorrow. You will find their links in the project booklet.


Donna Hanafi, Head of Customer Insight and Product Lead at

Donna joined us for a 2 hour inspirational and practical data workshop. Data is heavily associated with growth. And growth is the intersection of product development, business development and marketing. This session touched upon how you work with data in order to grow your business. 

–> LinkedIn

VR Sverige

VR Sweden joined us for an evening of demos, including HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR and Daydream.

VR Sweden is Sweden's focal point for VR. They present the most comprehensive news coverage and in-depth articles, reports and content pieces for VR enthusiasts, as well as for those who simply are curious about VR.



Emil Löwnander, Data Strategist, Google

Digital Data Strategist alumni from Hyper Island. Wiz-kid web strategist, ice cold web analyst, project juggler and hacker cowboy. Now at Google.

–> LinkedIn

Eva Hambolt, NeuroLeadership Consultant

Supporting individuals, teams and organizations to optimize how they work, using groundbreaking Neuroscience research. By helping people to get a deeper understanding for how the brain functions and what principles it follows, I ignite increased focus, energy, cognitive capacity, emotional intelligence, well-being and effectiveness in the workplace. This is NeuroLeadership in action.

–> LinkedIn

Photos (and a short film)

Antonio presenting AI prototype

Antonio presenting AI prototype

littleBits workshop

littleBits workshop

littleBits workshop

littleBits workshop

Student presentations

Student presentations















Student presentations

Student presentations

Student presentations

Student presentations

Emil Löwnander, Google

Emil Löwnander, Google

Student presentations

Student presentations


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Annual Review 2016

It's been a turbulent year for some, a negative and worrying year for many. For me, personally, it's been a great year. FULL of activity, work, family and friends. Definitely worth writing these things down – and celebrating them.

Here are 34 great things that happened to me in 2016. And 8 great things to come in 2017.


1. Stockholm–London–Stockholm

My monthly ritual of flying to London once a month came to an end. During February and March I was joined by digital transformation expert Eva Appelbaum and co-programme manager Tash Willcocks running the MA Digital Media Management project Business Transformation. And in April we organised a Startup Weekend London

In June these trips ended, and I said good-bye to my first batch of MA students.

Winter 2016

2. Published in a 'proper book'

Inside Art Direction was finally published, and I had the honour to be included in the branding section with a long interview and a bunch of project examples. It just made Print Magazine’s top 25 design books of 2016 – so that’s something!


3. Bye bye Soapbox & Sons, hello Studio Theolin.

New country, new projects, it called for a major change. And in one year I have worked with a range of great new local clients; individuals, schools, not-for-profits and big brands. Some of which are included in the list below.

Screen Shot 2017-01-08 at 11.03.23.png


4. Remote working at it's best.

Together with Emma Homent, I launched Ages of Us, a photography exhibition by Dylan Collard in London, from Stockholm.

Dylan travelled 3,000 miles to explore how we feel about ageing, and we exhibited it at Mother, London. This portrait project centred around the idea of generations, the journey and vastness of life, the process of ageing and how our priorities change as we move towards old age. In June last year Dylan took his two assistants and a three seater bench on a 18 day, 3000 mile trip around California from LA to Bakersfield, Hanford, Monterey, Yosemite, Death Valley, Red Rock Canyon, Needles (Route 66), Joshua Tree and back to LA. They photographed 165 people sitting on the bench in 23 locations.

Read about it in Creative Boom


5. It's cold up there.

I visited my grandmother, who is 96 and lives in Dorotea, Lappland. 


6. Design Design Design

In february, and back in Stockholm, we officially launched Design Sweden during Stockholm Design Week.

Organisation-wise, fast-forward one year, we have taken firm action to rethink and redesign the organisation to better reflect how the world works and looks in 2016. The changes are helmed by a new membership model, a basic version with no cost associated. This marks a big change of thinking. Instead of confining the organization to members only fitting a set of educational and professional requirements, we have opened up to everyone who supports our cause; to enable designers associated with Sweden.

The new identity was featured on Under ConsiderationDesign WeekCreative Boom and in CAP & Design.

We also appointed a new board in September and I took on the Vice Chairman role.

Spring 2016

7. Play

With the weather turning, we spent a lot of time out in the archipelago playing with my nephew and niece Henry and Hedvig. The bliss of being just one hour away from family really came alive this year. Living in London, I would never have had the chance to play every weekend with these little guys. 


8. During March, I co-facilitated Berghs Boost Camp

Leading 150 students and 19 clients through the initial stage of a fantastic cross-programme endeavor. We ran four briefing workshops across two days setting the student/client teams up on their journey towards graduation. 6 facilitators in total, we designed a workshop-led experience to promote collaboration, co-creation, prototyping, ideation and delivery. The students (and their clients) worked collaboratively over 8 weeks to together solve the briefs.


9. Same month, same school. Course Design.

I designed the 5 week course Communication Design 4. Together with a group of industry experts, we put together 4 weeks covering typography, symbols and iconography, social good, PR and much more. 

It also included a Black Metal Workshop. 


10. I got a tattoo of my cat. 

Immortalising Miss Mustard Explosion The Cat. Very important.


11. I was invited to Oslo, Norway to be a judge.

I joined the judging panel for the National Norwegian Graphic Design Awards (Visuelt), an annual ceremony which gives tribute to the professionals working with visual communication in Norway. We judged the category Digital Design, and you can find a selection of the winners here.


12. In April, Patrik and I went to Spain on holidaaay.


13. And we popped by Oslo (again) too. 


14. Island Life

During the spring we spent a lot of time on the island. Together with Team Theolin, we started to finalise our little boat house.


15. Running a Digital Business @ Hyper Island

In May, I took on another industry leader gig at Hyper Island to lead the course Running a Digital Business for the Digital Media Creative class. The core of this project was to explore what it means to run a company from a day-to-day perspective, including: management, organization, culture, finance and clients. Each student group formed mini agencies and worked on two live projects each throughout the course.


16. Girl Power!

I met Thea Tyvi and Sophie Raland Wesslau; one of this year’s highlights.

We were the driving forces behind Bergh’s 75th Anniversary. In collaboration with Marcus Berggren, Katharina Sand och David Peiris (part of Studentbyrån behind ACT/REACT), we  opened a memory bank on Facebook and curated over 40 co-creators producing a YouTube playlist celebrating Berghs School of Communication's 75th anniversary.


17. Success (and disappointment, alas)

As soon as we'd finalised the VidStar Festival brand identity, the festival got cancelled. 

Over 30 of the most popular Swedish YouTube-stars, that together holds several millions of subscribers, was to hold lectures, interviews, meet & greets and shows at seven different stages in the Ericsson Globe-area.

Unfortunately, the festival was cancelled last minute. However, the VidStar Conference still went ahead in September.

Either way, I was really proud of the work myself and Tom Collins did on the identity.

Summer 2016

18. Change of scenery.

Summer arrived, and I decided to work from our new house on the island as well as from home. One of the benefits of working in Sweden – the flexibility and trust! Working during the week, fun at the weekend!


19. In with the Stockholm cycling community

Continuing to design collateral for the GIROT Stockholm annual bike ride, this summer saw new branded caps and beer bottles.

I don't design myself much any more, so it's great fun when I produce something liked so much by the community. You may see this logo all over Stockholm, if you keep your eyes peeled.


20. Published in a book again – Startup Guide Stockholm

I got the pleasure to write the Introduction to Stockholm chapter. Buy it here.


21. A collective with a difference.

Thea, Sophie and I started The Cast. Together, we specialise in assembling, leading and directing teams for specific projects. This project is still work-in-progress, all we know is that we just LOVE working together.


22. Patrik and I went to Berlin! You know, holiday.


23. And when we returned, I'd become an auntie again.

Later to become her godmother. Here she is, Hermine Monica Jenny Theolin.


24. The BIG one.

In August, I launched the biggest project of the year: Noori Tales: Stories from the Indus Delta for WaterAid and H&M Foundation.

This project took 10 months to plan and design, so this was a huge milestone of 2016. My team (Dan Bull and Rider) and I worked together on the naming and branding, design and produced an outdoor AND an indoor exhibition, plus designed the website and print materials. 

Screen Shot 2017-01-08 at 11.12.13.png


25. Aug 18th – Birthday girl!

Autumn 2016

26. I signed the dotted line to continue as Programme Manager at Hyper Island, and said hello to my new Stockholms-based MA class.

The MA programme in Digital Management is designed to meet the need for talent that can keep up with today's rapidly changing digital landscape. The programme prepares you to become a game-changing leader in digital media and combines a broad range of topics, including change management, digital technologies, business transformation, strategy, service design and research methods with real-world applications.


27. I also went back to school myself and took a course in Facilitation & Process Design.


28. Second time judging this year

Startup Weekend Stockholm invited me to judge their IoT: Food, Health & Wellness event, which was also fun!


29. And I was interviewed in CAP & Design about my inspiration sources.


30. In October, Patrik and I went to Amsterdam on a weekend-break!

We cycled everywhere, went to the Sex Museum, the Cat Cabinet and ate pancakes. 


31. Spot of guest-lecturing at Nackademin.

And when we got back, I joined Clara Wiberg Nordlander's social media marketing course at Nackademin to do an afternoon workshop all around personal branding.


32. Think Design @ Hyper Island

In October and November industry leader Erik Widmark and I ran two 3-day campus sessions as part of a 2 month part-time Design Thinking project.

In this project the students critically explored the concept of design thinking and employed design thinking methods in response to an industry brief. The brief gave them a challenging problem to solve; looking into audiences, user journeys, and business needs; and how to move from strategic thinking to creative execution.

Winter 2016

33. A trip to space @ Hyper Island

In December I kicked off the next MA project with Ashkan Fardost; Digital Technologies.

The aims of this project is to; explore the key ideas and complexities of “making things” in digital in order to solve real-world problems, understand the potential disruptive impacts of current and future digital technologies upon society, critically examine the ethics of digital solutions, data and personal privacy and consider the economic value of technology. We are concluding it in January 2017.


34. I mustered up some courage and started seeing a Personal Development Coach.

I am working on my long-term vision and am soon ready to share my prototype plan. Being a change-monkey, not having lived in one place for more than 3 years, and constantly striving for the new, I am now putting all my experience and knowledge into a stable foundation, so I can plan for the future a little better. It's a very interesting experience, and I recommend it to everyone. His name is Malcolm Larri, and he's the mutt's nuts.

What's next?

  1. I'm continuing with managing the MA programme at Hyper Island, and this spring we will be focussing on Business Transformation and Innovation.
  2. I will be designing another course at Berghs. This time it's a 2 month course titled Communication Design 2 and centers around UX, Service Design, Information Design, Storytelling and Spacial Design. And there may be an exhibition at the Design Gallery at the end of March. 
  3. I have started offering private design lessons.
  4. I have said yes to another industry leader gig at Hyper Island – The Studio. More on that soon.
  5. And I will be travelling to Norway to judge Visuelt, the National Design & illustration Awards again.
  6. PLUS, Patrik and have already booked a trip to Morocco and Spain this spring.
  7. I may be getting another tattoo.
  8. All the while, spending more and more time with my family – and working on my long-term Stockholm Plan.  

Thank you 2016, thank you.


As you probably noticed, my images in this post are taken from Instagram.
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