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KICK ASS – An exhibition fighting gender stereotypes


Four of my Hyper Island students have taken upon themselves to create an exhibition. And this is it! I'm a big fan and supporter of this project.

What is it?
Buttocks, bottom, backsides, bums, back- ends, rumps and rears –  ”the” butt is something we can all get behind. No matter our gender, age, heritage, religion or political opinions, everyone has been gifted with a tush.

Unless you’ve been hidden under a rock for the past couple of years, the media has chosen to focus solely on objectifying lady-butts. Whether the lean ‘n’ mean backsides of Victoria Secret models caught your eye or you were mesmerised by the glazed-donut rump of Kim K, you’d be forgiven in thinking the only people who own a cute piece of ass were women. We want to change that.

So now we are calling talented artists and designers from across the world to help create works of art that celebrate the butt.

The Brief
We’re curious about how people around the world really see the butt. Away from the glossy magazine spreads and gratuitous ogling, how can we take back the butt for our own purposes?
We are looking for your perspective on this problem. How would you portray the butt?

The Art
Illustration, graphics, photography or a nicely typographed poem. It can be whatever you like – we only ask that it fit on a A3 paper. We’d also like a description of your art piece.

Submission deadline: before midnight on the 20th of May. Good luck and have fun!

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