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Resources – Running a Digital Business

Currently Industry Leader of Hyper Island's Module 'Running a Digital Business', so decided to share some of the resources I've put together.

1. Buy. This. Book.

'Work for money, design for love' by David Airey (and featuring yours truly)

'This refreshing, straight-talking advice guide from Logo Design Love author and designer David Airey answers the questions all designers have about launching and running their own design businesses. In fact, the book was inspired by the many questions David receives from the more than 600,000 designers who visit his three blogs — Logo Design Love, Identity Designed, and — each month.

How do I find new clients? How much should I charge for my design work? When should I say no to a client? How do I handle difficult clients?

David answers these questions and many more using anecdotes and case studies garnered from his own experience as a successful self-employed graphic designer. He also shares tips and lessons learned from designers around the world including such creative pros as Ivan Chermayeff, Jerry Kuyper, Eric Karjaluoto, Simon Manchipp, Alina Wheeler, Armin Vit, and Khoi Vinh.'


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