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Joining Hyper Island

I am thrilled to announce that I am joining Hyper Island as Program Manager bringing the MA Digital Media Management program to Stockholm this autumn. 

Founded in Sweden in 1995, Hyper Island is a global leader in education and professional development, helping individuals and organisations own their future and lead change.

In 2011, after a successful pilot program, Hyper Island established a Masters programme in their school in the Northern Quarter of Manchester, and have since expanded their Masters programs to Singapore and London.

They are now further expanding and bringing a part time version of our Digital Media Management program to Stockholm. Yay!

As the Program Manager I will be responsible for leading and executing Hyper's Masters programmes. I will deliver the curriculum framework, facilitate the process and create rich and challenging learning experiences for our students. 

Another very exciting part, is that I will work closely with the Stockholm and UK teams, as well as the global programmes team across Karlskrona and Singapore.

I am very glad to have Jenny Theolin hired part time to run the program. It is a new journey for Hyper Island in Stockholm since it is the first time ever we will run and deliver a MA program.
— ROGER SJÖGREN, Global Program Director, Hyper Island

My role will include:
● Working with industry leaders to develop innovative and challenging projects for students
● Identifying interesting speakers and workshop leaders from the creative and digital community
● Working with companies to develop live briefs for student projects
● Supporting and coaching students through their learning journey to fulfil their potential
● Managing the assessment process in accordance to our partner University guidelines
● Briefing all industry assessors on the assessment process and coach them through assessing
● Supervising students during their industry research project (equivalent to a Masters thesis)
● And much much more...

Needless to say, I will be setting up many meetings with agencies and individuals to ensure that this Masters will be THE mutt's nuts.
Ping me an email if you want to say hello.

If you are interesting in attending this course, you can find all the information about it here.

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