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SheSays STHLM Launch

SheSays is here to shine light on female role models in Stockholms creative industry, and I am both humbled and thankful to have been one of the speakers at their launch.

The award winning network SheSays has now landed in Stockholm to create a unique meeting place for women in creative, tech and marketing businessess. The aim is to create an environment where women can learn from and empower each other. 

The global network SheSays started in 2007 and has now grown a presence in 31 cities world wide. Among many things, She Says offers courses, workshops and mentorship programmes for its members. In late may this year Frida, Nora and Ida decided, after a long talk about where to find mentors and female role models in the industry, to take the SheSays network to Stockholm in order to do just that - increase the visibility of female role models and mentors.

The purpose of SheSays is to bring forth all amazing women we have in this industry and give them a place, a scene to share their thoughts and experience. I think that all, both men and women, can learn alot by helping women work their way up!
— Frida Wadsby, SheSays STHLM

Every second month SheSays will bring in a panel of female role models to host what they call a ”collective mentorship”-session. But first, SheSays Stockholm will kick off with an opening event in mid October. The theme for the opening event was carefully selected to set tone on what SheSays Stockholm will be in the future. The theme ”How She Got There” reflects the vision of SheSays - to highlight role female models in order to inspire and empower others in the industry. On October 7th, four women will take place on stage to tell their own stories about how they got where they are today, share learnings and insights from their careers and to lend some pearls of advice to the audience.

The line up:

Guldvågen -  an award to price gender equality
Christina Knight - Creative Director, Ingo
Jenny Theolin - Creative Director, producer, Studio Theolin/ Hyper Island
Lisa Rytter - Head of Marketing and Communications, Wrapp
Sofia Svantesson - founder Ocean Observations

The opening event was held October 7th at Berghs School of Communication, who partnered up with SheSays Sthlm as venue providers. 


The SheSays Team

Contact SheSays:
Frida Wadsby
Nora Bremer
Ida Pettersson
Agnes Rembe
Emma Lindgren

Photographs by the amazing Kim Scherrer.

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