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Guest lecturing at Nackademin

Invited by Clara Wiberg Nordlander, I joined her social media marketing course at Nackademin to do an afternoon all around personal branding.

One of the activities was a workshop/exercise I'd never done before. Based on the fact that your personal brand is not what you say it is, it's what others say it is, I call it 'What's my story?'.

The students pair up with someone they do not know very well, and in 30mins they get the chance to stalk their partner online (in silence, with no questions allowed). They then compile a short presentation to present back to their subject under the headings: 

Passion for...
Love to...
Believe that...

By pulling in elements from social media, news sites, and blogs, to make it as engaging and comprehensive as they can, their subjects can see that they have themselves build that story through their online presence. 

The introduction of the web, blogging, social media and tweeting forever changed the dynamics of the story. Stories are still very much told and created. But we are all becoming part of the story. The story itself is a live element of the now and not simply a representation of the past.

We are no longer just storytellers. We are a growing number of story builders. A shift that has massively transitioned from the few hundred-paged stories Charles Dickens wrote and transformed to the 140-character tweets many of us participate in today.
— Josip Petrusa
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