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Berghs Communication Design 4 – Meet the team

My course at Berghs began this week, and I am very excited about my collaborators for the next few weeks. Meet my team:

Experimental Typography with Christopher West
(Lesson 1-3)

Studio Christopher West was founded in 2009 in Amsterdam

The clientele is mainly found in the cultural field: art, literature, critique, music, fashion, and architecture. Studio CW designs books, record sleeves, posters, websites, graphic identities, and logos, amongst other things.

The studio delivers strong concepts, typographic precision and graphic playfulness. Curiosity, innovation and experimentation combined with deep knowledge in design, art and popular history are essential for the studio's practise.

Do Good with Ramiro Oblitas
(Lesson 4-6)

Parasol is a creative consultancy specializing in branding, design and intelligence. They build brand identities, develop online destinations, produce editorial content and compile bespoke intelligence reports for international clients who want to better understand and leverage their place in the world and engage with evermore discerning consumers.

Parasol was established in 2008 by Ramiro Oblitas and Saul Taylor. 

After spending 15 years building global brands and working with the best creative talent in the world, they made a decision; they only want to work with clients who have the same values as them – uncompromising quality, attention to detail and determination – no matter what their size. 

In fact, they prefer working with small-scale, big-hearted hopefuls like themselves.

Road to Rio with Tom Collins
(Lesson 7-9)

Tom is British designer, who’s recently swapped London for Stockholm. 

He believes in simple ideas and beautiful craft, bringing diligence and attention to detail to every project.

For the past three years, Tom has been working at the branding and design agency Fivefootsix. As Design Director, his role was to lead, inspire and deliver.

He’s had the opportunity to work with international brands such as UNICEF, Lacoste and Syngenta. As well as combining two of his biggest passions—football and design—through a fruitful relationship with UEFA. 

In the past, he’s also had the pleasure to work with a varied and rich mix of clients from the Arts Council to Condé Nast and Royal Mail. Gaining recognition and winning accolades along the way. 

Design like you give a damn with myself, Daniel Mair and Clara Nordlander Wiberg
(Lesson 10–13)

Daniel is a creative consultant with 13+ years’ experience in the fields of concept development, creative direction, design and art. His aim is to consistently design and deliver meaningful experiences, both online and offline and he thrives in exploring new ways of communicating. Currently the Creative Director at Lupo as well as running his own practice and the multidisciplinary studio Mair / Wennel.

Clara is a social media manager and creative director. Alongside consultancy work for brands like Nickelodeon, MTV and SVT, she founded and runs Francis Floor Productions, a creative agency with the main object of producing original content for new digital platforms in order to create meaningful interactions between brands and their costumers. 

Best for Last with Christopher West & Kalle Mattson
(Lesson 14-15)

Kalle Mattsson is a visual craftsman, designer and illustrator.



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