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*New project launch* VidStar Festival

Earlier this year Emma Egnell and Beata Wickbom contacted me with their epic idea of launching an online video festival called VidStar. 

I LOVED the idea, and we just had to be involved. Through this project, Studio Theolin began a fantastic collaboration with designer Tom Collins, and for the past couple months we've been designing this colourful and bright new identity for VidStar Festival. Today the journey towards the launch event in September begins as our clients have launched their concept to the world and tickets are being released this week. Full case study to come, in the meantime, here's some brief info about the project.

First of all, VidStar Festival is a collaboration between Blixten & Co, Geek Media, Stockholm Globe Arenas, Splay Networks and ENT. Other partners include Rider Eventmarketing, Shortcut Media and Mediatec.

Brand Identity Design & Guidelines by Studio Theolin & Tom Collins
Website build and production by client

What is VidStar Festival?

The weekend of the 9th–10th September sees the premiere of VidStar Festival in Ericsson Globe. It is going to be a fully packed weekend for everyone interested in the next generation of online communication, with lectures, meet & mingle, scene appearances, seminars and a big closing party. VidStar Festival is a unique opportunity to meet and learn from the most popular YouTube-stars in Sweden.

Trailer designed and produced by Shortcut Media

VidStar Festival is an event that celebrates the digital stars of tomorrow.


Over 30 of the most popular Swedish YouTube-stars, that together holds several millions of subscribers, will hold lectures, interviews, meet & greets and shows at seven different stages in the Ericsson Globe-area. This festival also creates the opportunity for exciting interactions between creators, fans, advertisers and YouTube-stars.

VidStar Foundation is a foundation that through scholarships and mentorships help creators realize their dreams.

The festival weekend ends with VidStar Party where artists and YouTubers share the stage and dance floor with attendants of VidStar Festival.

At VidStar Academy you can learn more about for example audio- and musicproduction, editing, and how to achieve increased reach for your channel.

And VidStar Conference is a unique B2B conference where advertisers, communicators and marketers can learn more about how to break through the media noise.

The identity

The stars

VidStar Festival is built on passion and dreams

The goal is to bring the visitor a step closer to their dream regardless of what it consists of. Someone may come to VidStar Festival to find a collaboration between a creator and a brand, some other dreams about taking a picture with their idol. VidStar Festival will be an enjoyable, interactive festival where passion and dreams are the main ingredients, says Emma Egnell, co-founder and producer of VidStar Festival.

VidStar Festival will see over 30 of YouTube’s most popular stars with several millions of followers combined. Seven of which are ambassadors for VidStar Festival: 2chips1cola, Anty, Ebba Lindblad, Felicia Aveklew, Hampus Hedström, LakiDoris and Thomas Sekelius.

To get the chance to, as an ambassador and creator, be a part of creating a fantastic experience for my audience together with my impassioned YouTube friends is so exciting and a huge honor. I’m proud to be a part of VidStar Festival and feel confident that we will have a kick-ass day.
— says Anty, ambassador for VidStar Festival.

Other YouTube stars that will participate are Clara Henry, I Just Want To Be Cool, Moa Murderess, De Vet Du, Liam Pitts, Josephine Qvist, Emil Andersson, Katrin Berndt, TTF Entertainment, Stratolys, Filip Dikmen, Tova Helgesson, Mario Lorimo and Leon Gavric. More names will be added to the list.




SVT Nyheter Stockholm:  SVT Play

SVT Nyheter Stockholm: SVT Play

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