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Starting The Cast, a collective with a difference

Together with the awesome Thea Tyvi and Sophie R Wesslau, we are starting a new collective with a twist – The Cast.

This collective operates in the same way as I have been working the past 4 years. The main difference is that we are now three directors and a bigger network of what we call Cast Members. We were very inspired by the Forbes article titled 'The Top Jobs in Ten Years Might Not Be What You Expect', and how 'professional tribers' work, realising that that's exactly how we work!

About us

Jenny Theolin is the Managing Director at Studio Theolin and part-time Programme Manager at Hyper Island. She's also on the board of Design Sweden and lectures at various schools and universities. Jenny loves her cat Miss Mustard Explosion The Cat, pop art and crayfish.
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Thea Tyvi is a Content Strategist/Producer and Production Manager with extensive experience working on editorial web content and global projects. She is also Course Director and Lecturer at Berghs School of Communication. Thea loves reading & writing, Finland and indulgence.
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Sophie Raland Wesslau is a project lead and all-round marketeer with graphic design as a foundation. Her experience includes working primarily in advertising, IT and recruitment. Sophie loves laughing, champagne and meeting new people.
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We collaborate with the highest skilled creatives, copywriters, designers, production managers, illustrators, animators, producers, film-makers, artists, event managers, PR professionals, and other specialists solving problems creatively for our clients. 

In our modern economy almost any job in the creative industries can be done at a digital distance. We embrace technology, but also help our clients work with humans. We move from leader to teammate in a moments notice. We make things happen.

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