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New year, new class, new location

Source: Hyper Island

Source: Hyper Island

This week I will be saying hello to my new MA Digital Management class at Hyper Island in Stockholm.

Hyper Island part-time Master’s programme in Digital Management is designed to meet the need for talent that can keep up with today's rapidly changing digital landscape. The programme prepares you to become a game-changing leader in digital media and combines a broad range of topics, including change management, digital technologies, business transformation, strategy, service design and research methods with real-world applications.

The part-time programme enables you to get a fully accredited master's degree whilst working full-time.

The Programme

The program has five practical group projects, and one independent research project. Industry experts lead the practical projects. Students will learn through a range of interactive talks, hands-on workshops, team challenges, and deep reflection.

Foundation Days
Building team and creating group culture, learning the Hyper Island methodology and develop skills to enhance creativity.

1. Design Thinking
In the first project we will explore Design Thinking tools and processes, and dig into related areas like service design and human-centered design to solve complex problems.

2. Digital Technologies
During the second project, we'll explore the power of emerging digital technologies through theoretical discussions and hands-on workshops.

3. Business Transformation
This spring, we will work with business development using cutting edge business modeling techniques, case studies, and user journeys.

4. Managing Projects and Teams
And throughout, we will navigate the way through complex agile processes and understand human behavior in teams.

5. Innovation Project
Finally, the students will apply all their previous learnings to create their own innovative project. They'll research, develop, and test new ideas, or transform existing ones, in an area of their choice.

Industry Research Project
This is the big one. The students will find a problem in their industry and work to solve it. In place of the traditional Masters thesis they will identify a problem, prototype solutions, and share insights based on your research

The students

The students are all working professionals (average age 35) coming from the likes of UR, AkrDes, Baluba, Maersk Line, Huston, Gullers and CP-B. 

Their roles are varied but include Managing Director, Head of Department, Management Consultant, Creative Lead, UX Director and freelance creatives too! Highly experienced group, and very inspiring.

For more information about what we get up to, follow our class hashtag #DMP17STO or visit Hyper Island online.

My role – What is a Programma Manager?

I deliver the curriculum framework, facilitate the process and design rich and challenging learning experiences for our students. I work very closely with industry leaders to develop innovative and challenging projects for my students.

I identify interesting speakers and workshop leaders from the creative and digital community, and work with businesses and organisations to develop live briefs for student projects. I also support the students through their learning journey, and facilitate group development sessions, including reflection and feedback sessions.

If you're interested in joining my delivery team as an industry leader and/or guest speaker och workshop facilitator, get in touch.

Here is an infographic summarising last year's industry collaborations.

Jenny has a natural digital mind for digital marketing and has a great long-term strategic vision for digital innovation.
— Ivan Fernandes, Senior Digital Transformation Expert - Voted into The Drum 'Top 30 Digital People'
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