Website in BETA

Website in BETA

Our ways of working are in flux. We are preferring more fluid ways of working, and the flexibility to work from anywhere at any time. And with our offices becoming digitalised, spaces promoting human interaction and serendipitous moments seem to be in the fore.

Even-though 'the way we work' is changing for many, in fact according to Citi Foundation (2015), "more than three quarters of global millennials express interest in working for themselves or founding a business", there is still a lack of spaces to collaborate, nor enough allowances for random encounters. 

I live in Stockholm, a city known for innovation. I am, however, still experiencing many closed doors and environments under membership-lockdown. Even-though these spaces are founded on the pillars of collaboration, this exclusivity will only lead to businesses peddling water and, whilst intentions are in the right place, how can true innovation be sustainable, without idea synthesis?

There is a need for a new type of collaboration space. An open door welcoming new ideas and new human interactions; the combination being key to moving innovation forward.

I want to open this door, as the desire seems to be there. According to Deskmag (2015), there is a notable rise in coworking spaces, which "reflect (the) increasing desire to work in collaborative environments. In the past year, the number of co­working spaces has grown by 36% – there are now nearly 8,000 worldwide".

Website in BETA

Website in BETA

By opening Exhibit, an inclusive creative space for collaboration, my mission would be to bring the most talented and creative people in the world, together with the bravest and most forward-thinking.

The Space

Exhibit Space would be shape-shifting and flexible in nature to allow and enable our clients and visitors to evolve and react quicker to the changes and challenges they face.

  • Open space is a cultural and creative hangout. A habitat for new ideas to thrive. This space would be available for exhibitions and events promoting human interaction and serendipity. 
  • Personal space would be available as drop-in or bookable in advance, to cater for quiet concentration time, Skype calls or meditation for example.
  • Private space would also be available for hire to cater for bigger meetings and/or workshops

The Studio

Through the Exhibit Studio (previously Studio Theolin) we'd curate and organise experiences, events and talks, connect people, as well as facilitate workshops and meetings. Basically do what I have always done, but more of it!

The studio would be about connecting people, building and managing teams – and curating rosters. We are far from a traditional design agency, nor do we operate as a recruitment agency or headhunter.

We are the Queens & Kings of Collaboration.

We applaud the daredevils and norm-breakers. And through curation and idea synthesis, we facilitate new connections and global innovation.


Facilitation & Coaching
Process Design
Workshop Design
Communication Design


Experience & Events
Talks & Workshops
Online Content


Art & Design
Innovation & Tech

I need your help.

I have decided to share this thinking with you, because I would not be true to my word, if I did not invite you to collaborate on this; I cannot do it on my own. I am completely comfortable for Exhibit to forever be a beta-brand evolving with the people working on it. 

I need to find support and key partners to help me to set this up, and to build a community of like-minded people, so I get this ball rolling, and to launch this baby within 3 years.

If you also have a dream of starting a physical space in the heart of Stockholm, if you have experience in building similar businesses, or if you are in the process of starting – what could be – a connected business (like a coffee shop / retail space / bar), I would very much like to meet with you

Would you like to know more? Let me know, and I will be in touch.

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Whilst you eagerly await the opening of EXHIBIT, here an excerpt from Fast Co's Digital Nomad’s Guide To Working From Anywhere On Earth:

"Twenty years ago, a Hitachi executive named Tsugio Makimoto predicted a revolution.

In the future, he wrote, high-speed wireless networks and low-cost mobile devices will break the link between occupation and location. Thanks to Moore and his Law, millions would indulge an innate wanderlust by selling their homes and living abroad, doing their jobs over the internet and enjoying the benefits of first-world income and developing-world cost of living. No more rat-race grind of cubicle and commute.

Makimoto’s vision appeared in his 1997 book Digital Nomad, written with coauthor David Manners. The book was virtually ignored by the public.

Ten years later, the digital nomad idea resurfaced in Tim Ferriss’s 2007 best-selling book The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich. In that hodgepodge of life hacks and business schemes, Ferriss painted a seductive picture of automated income and unbridled globetrotting."

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