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The Green Light list

Wow. I am still a bit taken aback from all the interactions around this. 

I am soaking it all in, and will develop a plan to curate this list/s.

I am working out what the legal obstacles are and the rules and regulations around this; both in Sweden and the UK. And those of you based else where, I will not forget about you! Just need to start somewhere.

I am thinking this project will evolve into more than one list, as there are huge differences between internships as part of university and college programmes – and graduates looking for the foot in the door. Bear with me, I will untangle everything.

You can find the Facebook post here, and the Linked In one here, if you want to add to the conversation.

In the meantime, here are some of your comments (and links) from Facebook and Linked In. There are over a thousand likes, hundreds of comments, some debate and very interesting perspectives – THANK YOU!

Agree, don’t add to the negativity. Promote the good eggs
— Nick Clement | Product/Experience Designer & Creative Director (Freelance)
It is interesting how some agencies dare to talk diversity (however that is defined) at the same time as they’re making young people work for free.
— Tor Löwkrantz Waxin | Program Director, Berghs School of Communications
If a company can’t pay for services, no matter at what level, the company shouldn’t be in business of making business. Creatives are especially devalued when it comes to compensation but what general public misses to understand is that not paying interns or entry level skillset - actually lowers the bar on payrate for everyone else. Why pay when one can get it for free? Great idea with the Green List. I suggest to expand it not only to creative agencies but to all companies alike. Casumo is one employer that cares highly about development of junior creative talent and is constantly creating opportunities as such. It would be nice to know what other companies out there care about development of employees overall.
— Jelena Jansson-Vukosav | Marketing Manager at Keyflow
Stick us on the list Jenny! Baxter and Bailey will be starting an internship programme in the next few weeks (see blog for details) and pay, naturally. Why would anyone not pay? Scoundrels!
— Matt Baxter | Creative Director, Baxter and Bailey
At RODD. We offer a paid 3-6 month internship for ID/service/UX Designers every year.
— Ben Davies | Managing Director, RODD
No work should ever be free - if it has value then htat value has to be returned
— David McInnes | Ceative Director, Blank
SYPartners has an associate program for both strategists and designers and both are quite well paid for entry level, both in terms of support, 💰 and overall conditions.
— Mathias Jakobsen | Creator of Think Clearly
I agree- but it’s not just creative agencies, it’s in every sector- I used to work in the arts where it’s the norm to rely on volunteers and people of all ages working for no pay. Perhaps that’s understandable given the paucity of funding available to many arts organisations, but what always disappoints me are the amount of big businesses that offer unpaid internships- companies that could well afford to pay for young talent, but choose not to. I have always had a policy of paying people who come to work with my teams - whatever my budgets were.
— Katie Dulake | Head of Brand & Marketing at TSB Bank
We pay interns the London Living Wage. Couldn’t sleep at night if we didn’t.
— Alex Myers | CEO, Manifest Group
My daughter Rosa Peacock is starting NAFF, No Art For Free , a movement to try and change the culture of creatives being used with no reward. It also encompasses using creative professionals to submit free work because it is ‘good exposure’. Maybe she can involve you and have your input once it’s got going. It’s being started because we’re sick of it too.
— Emily Jane Peacock | Artist
The Young Creative council has set up The Placement Poverty Pledge recently to help combat this exploitation... A ot of the big agencies have signed up which is great:
— Fiona Clark |  Creative Talent manager at AK Creative

Great point - I have been writing a series of blogs about this but also generally on how accessible is design -

What you are saying above is great and I will comment on places that give the green light on opportunities.
— Pritech Bhatt | Associate Director / Design Recruiter at Zebra People

Great shout Jen!! That’s a fantastic way of working towards a positive solution and I’d be happy to help if you need it. 👍🏾
— Paul Gosling | Commercial Director at Bugler Smith
About time someone put paid to “emperors new clothes” in dealing with this awful behaviour by all types of business. Most of these businesses should know better . HR leadership teams should be named and shamed as this is the only way to end this exploitative behaviour for good. There are some great graduate schemes in operation which offer fair and equitable remuneration and they should be championed for the good work they do.
— Gary Stevens | Print Production Specialist
Refreshing to see a voice standing up for students and graduates. At the internship guide (, we stand for the same cause by curating only internships from companies and agencies on the outlook for talented graduates, disregarding of nationality, gender and race.
Any agencies you find standing up for the same cause feel free to point them to advertise internships on our site- it’s free.
— Josefin Jaengkittichai | Senior Management Consultant - Digital Transformation

You can find the Facebook post here, and the Linked In one here.

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