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Mobilising support for the Green Light List.

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As you probably are aware of by now, I recently wrote and shared a LinkedIn post calling out the unfair treatment of emerging talent in the creative industries. And I received an overwhelming number of responses.

Since then, I have teamed up +rehabstudio (a London digital agency) to do something about it.

The Green Light is a list of companies who treat their junior workforce fairly, crowd-sourced from the interns, graduates and juniors who have worked there. 

We are now looking for some key partners within education to ’sign off’ on this concept. By letting us feature you on our website as a Supporter, you’re agreeing that something needs to be done about this, and you want to be a part of creating a better working environment for our emerging talent.

So far, we have the likes of Hyper Island, She Says, Shillington College, The Design Kids and Design Sweden supporting us; and we are speaking with many more. 

It would be awesome if you also would like to be be part of this project, as I really believe that we, the experienced and influential working within education, need to step up and promote the companies who treat our juniors fairly and show the companies who don’t how it’s done.

As I wrote in my LinkedIn post, there is no point creating a Black List of the baddies, let’s help promote the goodies and together give them The Green Light.

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