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So, what's happening in my world?

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MA Digital Management Foundation Days with Max Larcombe
My new class DMP18STO at Hyper Island have started! We just completed a four-day Foundation, and will begin the programme with a Module called Design Thinking on October 4th.

Throughout the foundation days we shared a range of principles, models and actionable tools related to teamwork, creative collaboration, leadership and personal development – all essential elements in empowering teams and organizations for the future. Hands-on experiences in workshops and action rather than by listening, which is key to internalising the learning and applying them to reality.

Plus a new collaborator – Design Thinking with Karin Lycke

With a Masters degree in Business & Design she was able to combine the two fields. Since graduation in 2015, Karin has been working with service design, design leadership and coaching, and is currently one of the team members of Expedition Mondial, a small agency with senior competence within the field. Karin's main focus at Expedition Mondial has been on facilitating and building the internal design thinking capacity at IKEA. 

Karin has previously been a Lecturer and Tutor on the topics Service Design and Design Thinking at HDK, Göteborgs Universitet, Chalmers and Berghs School of Communication to name a few. 

For inspiration, check out the Hyper Island Toolbox.
For more information about this programme, visit
For more information about the Hyper Island Way Course, a open class not too dissimilar to our Foundation.


@ Berghs

My course 'Graphic Design for Production Managers' starts October 23rd

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@ Studio Theolin

Sole Trader has become Limited Company. Say hello to Studio Theolin Consulting AB!



An ongoing project with illustrator PERSIKAMY documenting Sweden's Agency/Creative Office Dogs!


Green Light List 

The Green Light is a list of companies who treat their junior workforce fairly, crowd-sourced from the interns, graduates and juniors who have worked there. Collaboration with +rehabstudio.

If we can make things better for just one person starting out, we will have succeeded!

Now talking to design councils and universities across the globe. If they also get on board, maybe we can influence the industry a little bit more. Have you interned or started out at a fantastic company? Get involved by tweeting recommendations of where the good eggs are.

Find out more here: ✊🏻


Recent press/exposure

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Västerbottens-Kuriren (print/online) 


And, finally, some extra fun news!

I have been invited to talk at Creative Mornings Gothenburg in June 2018.

Topic: Craft!

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