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CreativeMornings Göteborg


20 years ago I got my first computer. 

And as with any new and passionate relationship, it quickly consumed me.


Everything happened so fast! 

From studying under the Turkish caracateurist Galip Tekin (communicating through the pencil I may add – because he didn’t know any English), working with metals and woodwork in Applied Arts and painting whenever I got the chance, I slowly but surely still ended up a hunchbacked designer moaning about the local laundrette using comic sans.


Let's travel back a bit further in time...

During the 1800s, William Morris took a deep breathe and reflected on why his environment wasn’t to his liking.

What did he do? He started piece-by-pieces re-designing his environment around him.

He ended up co-designing the Red House with architect Philip Webb – a catalyst for the arts crafts movement which Morris spearheaded.

They took matters into their own hands.


And of course this is one way to do it.

Another way is to completely disregard everything the body tells you and spend over 50,000 hours by a machine (like I had!)



When I was diagnosed with Work Related Upper Limb Disorder (yep that’s a thing) EVERYTHING changed.

It is a chronic condition which forced me to permanently leave my career as a graphic designer and temporarily banned me from chopping veg and tv remote clicking too!


I started looking at design in a completely different way.

What could our problem-solving industry do to solve this particular problem, and what does the prevalence of repetitive strain injury tell us about the way we’re doing our jobs as designers?

Will we soon see our first generation of designers who can’t draw?

Inclusive design guru Julia Cassim certainly thinks we’re headed that way.

’We have to a great degree deskilled ourselves in the rush to produce everything digitally at every stage of the design process. We have forgotten that there are certain key skills that we should possess as designers, the first of which is the ability to draw,’ she says.

Needless to say I am still extremely happy

Happy that approaches like service design and UX are flourishing, we need to get out of the building, make connections, friends, conversation, things.

Not be (too) perfect.

Not be (too) correct. 

Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 15.56.56.png

Why have we made this collage together?

There’s something lovely ‘making together’ isn’t it?

Making dinner, making progress, making change, making love.

It’s more of a relationship I feel we have with the word ’making’. 


Craft to me is designing by making.

It’s a word and an approach that, to me, is tech-neutral and not depending on the tools, but the relationship with them.

And making has it flaws. Beautiful flaws which are original. 


I started by describing my consuming relationship with technology...

...the ‘first-love-type-obsession’.

...the ‘disregard-for-health-obsession’.

...the ‘disregard-for-sustainability-obsession’.

Not surprised we broke up.


It is this relationship we need to nourish!

Not ban technology, not force behavioural changes, let’s change the relationship we have with our tools and methods.

And I promise, by doing so we will make epic shit happen and we will design a better world to live, work and play in.


CreativeMornings/Gothenburg / Jenny Theolin
This CreativeMornings/Gothenburg event was generously hosted by luckypunk
This event was sponsored by Luckypunk/MailchimpAdobeWordpressStendahls, Stendahls and Gothenburg Symphony.
Photos by Sina FarhatSandi Habinc

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