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W**CHCRAFT? 2018

W**CHCRAFT Conference
Graphic Design Educators Network, Northumbria University, Newcastle
6-7 September

Invited by Graphic Design Educators Network to do a talk at their W**chcraft Conference in Newcastle.

From Graphic Designer to Learning Designer
Jenny will take you through some of the insights from leading learning experiences for all types of audiences; individuals, schools and businesses. She will present and discuss learning methods and share some of her favourite tools, models and resources to encourage participatory and experienced-based learning. 

From her background as a graphic designer, she will also be making parallells between how her environment looked then, to where she sees graphic design being part of our ever-changing world going forward. 

About the conference

By definition, craft describes both the act of making things by hand and the art of persuasion. This double meaning resonates with the discipline of Graphic Design as so much of our practice is wrapped up in how and why we create communication.

New technology has certainly increased our craft and influence, often beguiling our users. However, its dark art also questions our magician’s status as artificial intelligence generates increasingly persuasive autonomous design. By contrast, the ubiquity of technology-driven solutions has also created a greater appetite for bespoke design crafted by the human hand.

Therefore as our field of expertise continues to evolve – fusing, multiplying, specialising – and the mystery and power of its application grows, deciding what to learn and how to study it is a prevalent question for both aspiring and established designers and educators. 

From designer-makers to digital strategists let us share, explore and debate the w**chcraft that is fundamental to the practice and education of contemporary graphic design.

W**chcraft features keynote talks from:

Jenny Theolin (StudioTheolin), 
Dr. Joanna Choukeir, (Uscreates), 
Dr Catherine Dixon (CSM)
Workshop facilitated by: BANK™ Associates.

Alongside over 30 papers, discussions and workshops.

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