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A design studio specialising in events and experiences promoting human interaction and serendipitous moments.


New Business


This autumn really started with a bang, and I am very excited to be looking for new business opportunities to end this rock’n’roll year.

My studio can really scale (some would say it’s elastic!) to suit needs for projects at large scale. We have produced group shows with up to 500 artists, and designed and build both indoor and outdoor exhibitions for clients like WaterAid and H&M Foundation.

Event Design
Experience Design
Communication Design


Art & Design
Culture & Community
Innovation & Tech

If you’re interested in me as a consultant, here is a reminder of what I do:

Learning Design
Process Design
Public Speaking

Workshops & Meetings
Events & Conferences
Courses & Programmes

Design Thinking
Innovation & Tech
Communication Design
Culture & Internal Communication
Leadership & Change Management

Buffalo Bill Gates Exhibition

Buffalo Bill Gates Exhibition

Aug/September has been busy!

  • Designed, curated and led a four-week Communication course online with Dynamic Music Group for their programme Music Business Developer. 48 hours of lectures, classes and facilitation

  • Designed and facilitated a two-day Professional Development course for Hyper Island and their Digital Media Creative students

  • Designed and facilitated a Workshop on Workshops for the Growth Marketing students at Berghs

  • Facilitaed together with Fantastic Studios an idea generation workshop for 1200 people over two half-days in Piteå

  • Travelled up to Newcastle, UK and held a keynote at the Graphic Designer Educator’s Network

  • Travelled to Kortrijk in Belgium to speak at a Product Design meetup on the topic of making less shit choices, and ethics in design

  • Produced an art exhibition called Buffalo Bill Gates, a mashup project by Kalle Mattsson

Arwidsson Talks 2018

Arwidsson Talks 2018

October onwards

Workshop with Fantastic Studios

Workshop with Fantastic Studios

What am I looking for 2018-19?

  • Opportunities to work with larger organisations designing learning programmes and facilitating creativity, innovation and design workshops

  • Produce creative events

  • Speaker/keynote gigs

  • Open for other collaboration!

Jenny’s talk linked well to the theme of contemporary craft in graphic design education, and she called upon her experiences working in a range of roles, questioning the nature of design, how it is taught and more broadly, our connection with technology and social media. The talk was interactive, and all members were able to engage and comment via The audience enjoyed her talk a great deal, and it led to plenty of debate through the rest of the conference.
— Neil Leonard, Graphic Design Educators Conference
How does jenny do everything she does, and do it all so well, with such verve and tenacity – and smiling all the way? 

My theory is that she has some sort of time machine that allows her to create more hours in the day than the rest of us have to make so with. That, or she really is as disgustingly gifted and over-endowed with creative energy as she appears to be.
— Mike Reed, Founder & Creative Director, Reed Words Ltd.
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