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Knowledge Map Workshop


Happy to share 5 canvases I currently use with clients.

The intention for the Knowledge Mapping Workshop is for you to explore knowledge and learning in the workplace, with an aim of identifying opportunities and conditions for improving as a learning organisation. The longer session includes how you can use technology, pedagogy and the environment in creating learning experiences, and guidance in which first steps to take.

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What is a Learning Organisation, and how imperative is a solid Knowledge Management System?

The shared knowledge is the most valuable asset in your organisation; and one way to maintain this competitive advantage is to manage, organise and create more of it.

If you’re interested in facilitating this workshop, read up on The Fifth Discipline, and particularly Team Learning; as this workshop is based on Peter Senge’s research.


Knowledge Mapping

Knowledge Map_Studio Theolin Consulting AB2.jpg

Learning Experience

Knowledge Map_Studio Theolin Consulting AB4.jpg




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