Are you an established brand in need of transformation?
A start-up needing help to get off the ground?
An agency or an independent creative looking to re-position?

I also organise and deliver industry talks, lectures, targeted workshops and one-to-one consultations. Both with individuals and organisations.

Industry Lectures

Introduction to Branding
Introduction to Strategy
Introduction to Planning
Introduction to Film Production
Introduction to Copywriting
Technical intro to photoshop

Personal Brand Workshops

I know how difficult it is to stand out, so whether you are an established designer, photographer, illustrator, artist and/or an entire agency, and you need a fresh perspective, this workshop is just for you. If you are a student  in need for a mentor, my team love sharing our expertise. (But, do include your portfolio link, as we do not see everyone.)

Creative Workshops

I can deliver the most talented people to help bring your project to life. And as everyone may have different challenges ahead, these workshops are tailored specifically for you, your brief and/or your team. We could organise the time as a kick-off for an established brief, create an inspirational workshop around a specific subject, and how it plugs into your commercial work, or have some fun building your culture.


I have given many inspirational talks including BLAB Talks in Manchester, Glug in London & STockholm, Small Talk in birmingham, and SHESAYS in Stockholm.

If you are an event organiser, and you need a hit of passion, get in touch.

Equally if you are an individual and/or agency who'd like to be part of the talks we organise, let us know.

Jenny is quite simply a force of creative nature, be it thinking, doing or being a catalyst or enabler for great things to happen. If you need some innovative thinking applied to planning and implementing an event, programme management, facilitation or curation, Jenny comes highly recommended.
— Jason Holland, Creative Director & Founder at THE CRM Agency

I love pushing creativity.

This is why I lecture and collaborate alongside international establishments like Shillington College (UK), Hyper Island (UK & SWE), Berghs School of Communication (SWE), Limkokwing University of Creative Technology (UK) and Volda University College (Norway). 

This year I ran the Hyper Island 'MA Digital Media Management' programme in London, the 'Running a Digital Business' course at Hyper Island in Stockholm and the 'Communication Design 4' course at Berghs in Stockholm.

I also curate other speakers – and am the organiser of Glug Stockholm.