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Digital Media Management

Industry Leader on 'Running a Digital Business', May 2015

Digital Media has seen a meteoric rise to become one of the most powerful way of modern day communication. In this well rounded program you will be embarking on a truly immersive learning journey where you will be exploring topics from Design to Technology and Strategy to Project Management.

About Industry Leadership

One key way that Hyper Island applies is the Real World Ready approach by bringing in industry specialists to work directly with the students (rather than having permanent teachers or professors employed.) An important role in this recipe is the Industry Leader. An industry leader is an experienced, “senior”, highly industry-aware professional brought in to support the development of a student project (or “course”) from a content perspective. An Industry Leader is there to safeguard and ensure that content is relevant, useful and forward- thinking.

I am very glad to have Jenny Theolin hired part time to run the program. It is a new journey for Hyper Island in Stockholm since it is the first time ever we will run and deliver a MA program.
— ROGER SJÖGREN, Global Program Director, Hyper Island

I will be setting up many meetings with agencies, brands and individuals to book industry partners and guest lecturers. 

Ping me an email if you want to say hello, curious about the course, or want to get involved in some way: