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Together with Francis FloorRider and Brand New Communication, I planned and organised the launch of #GlugStockholm, the first in a series of engaging, energetic and inspiring evening events of talks and pop-up shops in a friendly after work atmosphere at Obaren, central Stockholm.

We kicked off with the theme of ‘A Swedish Production‘ and speakers include North KingdomKurppa Hosk and Camp David, plus DoeBlombergGottberg and United Screens – What a line-up!

Total attendance: Entire venue: 100+

We also included a poster competition exhibition and a pop-up shop


Sonja Lakner & Ana Martins 
North Kingdom

Fredrik Blomberg & Tommy Gottberg  

Åsa Riton / Camp David

Jenny Ericsson and Nicolin Lillhage 
United Screens

Måns Jacobsson Hosk 
Kurppa Hosk

The Poster Competition

This was the first Glug in Scandinavia, so we started it with a WOOP and a WHAM. We invited international artists to take part in an exhibition in conjunction with the event.

Sponsor: PÅ Media

Pop-up art shop

Anni Tuikka
One of Annis “things” is to draw on big windows. When there are no windows around to fill with colorful imaginary shapes and patterns, she sticks to smaller sized pieces of glass in pretty frames. Anni recently finished another mural at the new restaurant Savoy Grill in Malmö and a big glass drawing can be seen at Kulturmejeriet in Lund

Dano Marr
Dano is an American artist and expat living in Stockholm since 2013. Passionate about self-awareness, the outdoors, and a dash of sword-and-sworcery, his artwork is part of an ongoing project to master the art of watercolor by producing hundreds of paintings per year, each in sixty minutes. 

Jessica Eriksson
Insta: @persikamy
Jessica Eriksson is a colorful and creative individual from Umeå Sweden who has a burning passion for illustrations, art and patterns. 

Oskar Palmbeck
Insta: @palmbackart
"Skrotnisse”, abandoned places , animals and nature are the main focuses of Os's creations. 

Sabina Wroblewski Gustrin
esigner and illustrator

Hello Von (Matt)
Whilst having worked primarily as an award winning illustrator Von has begun to make a name for himself on the gallery circuit in recent years having been collected by both high profile figures within, and outside of, the art world. Influenced by nature and popular culture his artwork is both detailed and abstract, being able to flawlessly walk the line between surrealism and documentary portraiture capturing a mood in what appears to be a fleeting moment in time. 

Von has previously had solo shows in London, NY and LA.

Murray Somerville

Murray Somerville is the man responsible for the weird imaginings of super fighting toasters, conjoined twins playing battleships and exploding melon heads! His work has been on 8million Beck’s beer bottles; been seen on ITV drama “Broadchurch” ; he’s self-published a series of zines and has had murals of his work all over London! He’s currently working on his first animation for a music video alongside illustrator Jamie Mills.



LONDON, 2011

Collaborating with Nick Clement and Studio Output, we curated and hosted a Glug London evening dedicated to the theme  ‘Creative Start-ups’.

The evening celebrated the new talent and their start-ups, as well as established big hitters like Morag Myerscough, as they spoke about setting up, the challenges and how they got to where they are now.

Total attendance: Entire venue: 630+, Talks: 300+

The Talks

Nick Couch
Founder, Open Studio Club

Emma Taylor
Founder, Creative Advice Network


Morag Myerscough
Founder, Studio Myerscough

Jessica Dance & Robert Muller
Founders, Get Müllered & Dance

Rik Lomas & Amelia Humfress
Founders, Steer


Helen Cowley
Founder, Dutch Uncle


Paul Batterham

Photographs from the night

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