Studio Theolin
A design studio specialising in events and experiences promoting human interaction and serendipitous moments.

Group of Humans

Heading up the Community Experience Programme for the humans, one Human Hour at a time.

Every month I host an online event for all Humans to learn from each other. Topics so far include interpretations of our Group purpose: Waste Not, as well as Sustainable Economics, Business Thinking and Biomimicry.

Human Hour #1 Speakers:
Adah Parris
Group of Humans, TED2019 Emerging Innovator. Futurist, Cultural Innovator, Board Advisor, Keynote Speaker

Jinal Shah
Group of Humans, Senior Marketing Advisor, S’Well

Human Hour #2 Speakers
Kim Waters
Group of Humans, Ex Reuters

Chris Clarke
Creative Partner Group of Humans and Director KooKoovaya

Studio Theolin recently joined Group of Humans, a distributed curated network of the best designers, strategists, technologists, and creatives in the world, all of whom share a belief that technology should be harnessed not for efficiency but for the benefit of people, society and the environment.