My name is Jenny Theolin, and this is my studio.

I believe to deliver your best work, you work with the best people. That's why for each new project, I draw on a talent pool swimming with dozens of brilliant individuals. This means, I specialise in assembling, leading and directing teams for specific projects.

I move from leader to teammate in a moments notice, collaborating with skilled copywriters, designers, production managers, illustrators, film-makers, fine artists, event managers, PR professionals - only those with the very best talent.  

Think of me as your creative partner.

Director, The Cast
MA Programme Manager, Hyper Island
Board Member, Design Sweden
Formerly known as Soapbox & Sons

From the minute Jenny arrived we were swept up in a whirlwind of bubbling energy and enthusiasm second to none. Ideas abound, creativity flows, and stuff gets done.
— RAY BRILL & IRENA MOLENDYS, The Framers Gallery

Selected clients


Photography © 2014 Dave Brown