Studio Theolin
A design studio specialising in events and experiences promoting human interaction and serendipitous moments.
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H&M Foundation Exhibitions

Photographs from various exhibition we have produced for H&M Foundation.
Collaborating with Observatory , Dreamquest and Rider.

A Catalyst for Change 2019
H&M HQ + H&M Marievik

A Catalyst for Change 2018
H&M HQ + H&M Marievik

Noori Tales: Stories from the Indus Delta 2016
Kungsträdgården, Stockholm

Noori Tales Auction | 2016

P4 Kulturnytt, 2016

Malin Fezehai tar foton av vardagen

Slate, 2016
This Is What Life Looks Like for Pakistanis With and Without Clean Water Access

PDN Photo of the Day
Photographing the Hidden Link Between Water and Education