MA Digital Management, Stockholm


MA Digital Management, Stockholm

MA Digital Media Management, Stokholm

Founded in Sweden in 1995, Hyper Island  is a global leader in education and professional development, helping individuals and organisations own their future and lead change.

In 2011, after a successful pilot program, Hyper Island established a Masters program in their school in Manchester, and have since expanded their Masters programs to Singapore and London

They are now further expanding and bringing a part time version of the Digital Media Management program to Stockholm. 

As the Program Manager I am responsible for leading and executing Hyper's Masters program. I will deliver the curriculum framework, facilitate the process and aim to create rich and challenging learning experiences for our students. 

About the program

Hyper Island part-time Master’s program in Digital Media Management is designed to meet the need for talent that can keep up with today's rapidly changing digital landscape. The program prepares you to become a game-changing leader in digital media and combines a broad range of topics, including change management, digital technologies, business transformation, strategy, service design and research methods with real-world applications. The part-time program enables you to get a fully accredited Masters degree whilst working full-time.

I am very glad to have Jenny Theolin hired part time to run the program. It is a new journey for Hyper Island in Stockholm since it is the first time ever we will run and deliver a MA program.
— ROGER SJÖGREN, Global Program Director, Hyper Island

I will be setting up many meetings with agencies, brands and individuals to book industry partners and guest lecturers. 

Ping me an email if you want to say hello, curious about the course, or want to get involved in some way:  jenny.theolin@hyperisland.com