A design studio specialising in events and experiences promoting human interaction and serendipitous moments.

We believe to deliver the best work, you work with the best people. 

Collaborative approach working with the highest skilled creatives, copywriters, designers, change agents, production managers, illustrators, animators, producers, film-makers, artists, event managers, PR professionals, and other magicians solving problems creatively for our clients. 

In our modern economy almost any job in the creative industries can be done at a digital distance. We embrace technology, but we also help our clients work with humans. We move from leader to teammate in a moments notice. We make things happen. 


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An experienced design educator, designing and leading learning experiences for individuals, schools and businesses.

Working with creative business school, Hyper Island, Jenny Theolin runs the MA Digital Management part-time programme in Stockholm. Theolin also collaborates with Hyper Island Business, where they help organisations learn, grow and lead in a constantly changing world.

At Berghs School of Communication, Theolin designs course in Communication Design and Production Management, and can also be found facilitating och process leading other events.

Theolin is also very active in design community. She is  Chairwoman of Design Sweden, and speaks at many creative events and conferences.


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