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Hyper Island MA Digital Management



Founded in Sweden in 1995, Hyper Island is a global leader in education and professional development, helping individuals and organisations own their future and lead change.

In 2011, after a successful pilot program, Hyper Island established a Masters programme in their school in the Northern Quarter of Manchester, and have since expanded their Masters programs to Singapore, London – and now Stockholm!

Managing the Hyper Island MA Digital Management part-time program in in Stockholm and the part-time MA Digital Media Management program in London.

I deliver the curriculum framework, facilitate the process and design rich and challenging learning experiences for our students. I work very closely with industry leaders to develop innovative and challenging projects. 

I identify interesting speakers and workshop leaders from the creative and digital community, and work with businesses and organisations to develop live briefs for student projects. I also support the students through their learning journey, and facilitate group development sessions, including reflection and feedback sessions.

The Programme
This part-time master of arts university degree is designed for people in full-time jobs. It covers areas such as: design thinking, business strategy and transformation, creative leadership, customer centricity, digital technology, group dynamics and team development, innovation and start-up methodology.

The Students
The international students are all working professionals coming from the likes of SVT, McCann Madrid, Disney, DDB, Isobar, IBM, Unilever. UR, Kungliga Operan, Maersk Line, Travsport, Creuna and Isobar. Their roles are varied but include COO, CEO, Brand Manager, Strategy Director, Head of Marketing, Creative Director, PR, Brand Manager, as well as Freelance Senior Art Directors, Entrepreneurs, Consultants and Designers.

More about the Programme here

25 Students
8 Campus Sessions
24 Days (in total)
34 Guest Speakers
4 Industry Leaders
3 Guest Facilitators
2 Guest Coaches
1 Programme Manager

MA Digital Media Management
Stockholm Delivery Summary

Foundation Week

Four days of Hyper Island methodology, tools, team-building and giggles.

Throughout these days we shared a range of principles, models and actionable tools related to teamwork, creative collaboration, leadership and personal development – all essential elements in empowering teams and organizations for the future. Hands-on experiences in workshops and action rather than by listening, which is key to internalising the learning and applying them to reality.

Design Thinking 


Design Thinking can be defined as a set of processes and thinking to support the creation of solutions to a problem. To qualify as a problem, a real problem, the solution must be able to create real value for people and clients. “Problems” may also be defined as challenges, opportunities, barriers, or situations with room for improvement. This project focusses on investigating and exploring Design Thinking tools and processes, including looking at other related areas such as service design and human-centered design. 

In this project the students critically explored the concept of design thinking and employed design thinking methods in response to an industry brief. The brief gave them a challenging problem to solve; looking into audiences, user journeys, and business needs; and how to move from strategic thinking to creative execution.

Erik Widmark – Industry Leader / Collaborator


Erik is a trained product designer, but realised early that design can be so much more than just the look and feel of a physical object. Fueled by passion and curiosity Erik has, since graduation from Konstfack, explored the possibilities and boundaries of design thinking. After 10 years of working as a design lead, recruiter, and director at Transformator, one of the largest service design consultancy in Sweden, he recently started his own company - Expedition Mondial. An agency specialised in service design as well as creating, teaching and implementing design thinking processes according to the clients capabilities and needs.

Karolina Pamp-Sandgren, Customer Services Strategist at Transport Administration at Stockholm County Council

Karolina,  partnered up with us to write the student brief. Her background lies in research, competitive intelligence and trend analysis.

Fabian Segelström, Länsförsäkringar

Fabian Segelström, PHD in Service Design and UX director for digital channels at Länsforsakringar. Before that consultant and academic. Wrote his PHD thesis on 'how service design identify and communicate insights.

Jenny Frey, Senior Service Designer & Martina Gustavsson, Service Design Director, Dayton

Jenny and Martina are both Service Designers with great experience from working with projects for a number of organizations, within both the private and the public sector. Putting the customer’s needs, behaviours, motivations in the centre they develop great customer experiences both digital as well as analogue.

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Johanna Sahlman, Head of Customer Experience, Consumer Business at Telia

Former Head of Service Design, Telia. Background as Design Strategist and Account Director at Transformator Design and No Picnic Industrial Design. 

Sara Laurell, Independent

Sara has been working in the underwear, clothing, home electronics, telecoms and e-commerce industries in USA and Europe since 2000. MBA Harvard grad and from being a consultant at McKinsey & Company, she’s also been CEO for Twilfit, and is currently on the Gina Tricot board. Her latest position was Head of Consumer Business Unit at Telia.

Daniel Eriksson, Screen Interaction AB

Daniel Eriksson is lead Service Designer and Strategist at Screen Interaction AB. Daniel is a design strategist with many years experience in service design and business development. Previously to Screen Interaction he was Strategist and Account Director at Transformator.

Maria Eriksson, Partner Holocracy One

Maria runs her own business, focusing on growth for companies and individuals. She consult teams to be more effective, to reach their goals and increase their wellbeing, as well as advises start ups on growth. 

Previously Partnership Director and Global Learning Designer at Hyper Island, she’s now Partner at Holocracy One.

Digital Technologies


The methods, tools and platforms for designing, prototyping, developing and distributing technical solutions are evolving at a very rapid pace, as is the complexity of such work. 

This project develops your critical understanding of the opportunities, challenges and complexities of the use of digital technologies for organisations, clients, consumers and society. This won’t make you into a developer or a creative technologist, but is designed to extend your strategic knowledge through the exploration of current and emerging technology trends in order to produce research-informed prototypes that are designed to solve real world issues.

The aims of this project are to; explore the key ideas and complexities of “making things” in digital in order to solve real-world problems, understand the potential disruptive impacts of current and future digital technologies upon society, critically examine the ethics of digital solutions, data and personal privacy and consider the economic value of technology. 

Dr. Ashkan Fardost, Scientist & Global Professional Speaker – Industry Leader / Collaborator

Ashkan’s digital journey began in the early 2000’s, when he created music with software and hacked Napster to land a record deal with EMI and Armada Music as a 17-year old. This made him realize that the digital revolution was going to change everything. Industry after industry would be turned upside down.

Ever since, he’s been studying how technology affects industries, societies and human behavior.

After his music journey, Ashkan entered the world of scientific innovation by obtaining a PhD in chemical engineering from Uppsala University. At the same time, Ashkan got involved with the startup community as both a founder and a consultant.

Today, Ashkan is a global speaker, consultant and investor. He’s also a regular guest on Swedish national television discussing how technology affects society.

Sessions with Ashkan Fardost

Ashkan presented the landscape of our world through a technology lens. How does technology evolve, and which technologies are emerging around us – and how will they impact industries, societies and human behavior. We discussed which mindset should have to thrive in a world of constant and accelerating change through technology. 

Ashkan also took the students on a journey through the world of big data, AI and things related. Understanding how AI and big data are related, and how they can be used in everyday situations. Plus demonstrated some tools that are available for deploying AI, machine learning.

Finally we took at look at Outcomes, Platforms and Ecosystems.  Ashkan’s presented his lens on how to predict the future, and/or develop products/services, and/or where to invest your efforts as a company. The aim was to understanding the relationship between outcomes (as in a very narrow and well-defined problem that can be solved with a product or service), platforms (whether your product/service should be a platform on its own or be part of an existing platform) and ecosystems (the relationship between businesses and segments on a macro perspective).

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Peter Selemark, CEO, Tannak

Peter joined us and shared his journey creating Tannak – an IoT product for reindeer herders. He shared the story of how two sami women founded a company to solve a very narrow problem in a very narrow niche, and how this has transformed into one of the most state of the art internet of things companies in the world. A deep understanding of the internet of things, and how solving difficult human problems with great user experience is what drives technology forward.

Alessandro Icardi, Digital Strategist

Alessandro Icardo (some of you met him tonight) has worked many years as a Marine Biologist (MA) in Scotland, specialising in deep sea research. During his BA he spent a month on Galapagos (OMG). Anyway, since moving to Stockholm he has graduated from the Digital Data Strategy programme at Hyper Island in 2015 and has been working mainly with start-ups on digital marketing and growth.

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Fredrik Degerman, Digital Strategist, Conversionista 

Fredrik Degerman is a Hyper Island alumni from the Digital Data Strategy programme as well, and is currently consulting in optimising usability at Conversionista! With an aim to climb 7A within 6 months (please hold him to that).

Donna Hanafi, Head of Customer Insight and Product Lead at

Donna joined us for a 2 hour inspirational and practical data workshop. Data is heavily associated with growth. And growth is the intersection of product development, business development and marketing. This session touched upon how you work with data in order to grow your business. 

VR Sverige

VR Sweden joined us for an evening of demos, including HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR and Daydream.

VR Sweden is Sweden's focal point for VR. They present the most comprehensive news coverage and in-depth articles, reports and content pieces for VR enthusiasts, as well as for those who simply are curious about VR.

Emil Löwnander, Data Strategist, Google

Digital Data Strategist alumni from Hyper Island. Wiz-kid web strategist, ice cold web analyst, project juggler and hacker cowboy. Now at Google.

Eva Hambolt, NeuroLeadership Consultant

Supporting individuals, teams and organizations to optimize how they work, using groundbreaking Neuroscience research. By helping people to get a deeper understanding for how the brain functions and what principles it follows, I ignite increased focus, energy, cognitive capacity, emotional intelligence, well-being and effectiveness in the workplace. This is NeuroLeadership in action.

Business Transformation

The 2017-18 MA Class

The 2017-18 MA Class


As digital technologies continue to disrupt every element of our lives, the effect that they have on the business world is massive. The birth and death rate of companies increases as old, established, slow corporations are ousted by young, agile startups.

In this highly-connected, culturally-fragmented, ever-changing world, what do businesses need to do to survive and thrive? What do modern businesses look like? What should they look like in the future?

In this project we explore the interplay between businesses, their customers and their markets, and focus on the changes that businesses need to make in order to create and sustain value for all stakeholders. We also learn how change is internalised and championed inside organisations, and strategies for overcoming the likely barriers that will arise.

Stina Carlsson Reich, Head of Business Design & Partner @ Doberman – Industry Leader / Collaborator

2017 is the year Stina Carlsson Reich can look back and celebrate 20 years working with business transformation. It’s all about doing what she loves - designing digital experiences which improve our everyday lives. 

Stina's passion for digital strategies started in Y2000 at Razorfish. Previously a Management Consultant in Strategy, resolving challenges at Ernst & Young and Cap Gemini with clients such as Telia and Ericsson.

Today as Head of Business Design & Partner at Experience Design Agency Doberman

Martin Randler, Chief Digital Officer, Folksam

With experiences from TUI and Folksam, Martin shared his learnings on how to create lasting change, and what enables true transformation in the digital era. The students also recieved a challenging group brief.

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Lisa Lindström, CEO, Doberman

Lisa Lindström is the CEO of Experience Design Firm Doberman with offices in Stockholm and New York and have been appointed Sweden's Service Innovator of the year and listed as one of the top 10 female leaders in Sweden. Lisa has been Senior Strategic Advisor for many of Doberman’s largest international clients through the years.

Lisa is chairman of the board of SVID, the Swedish Industrial Design Foundation and Utbildningsradion (UR).

Beyond this, Lisa is a popular speaker and workshop leader on strategic design and customer experience within organisational transformation and leadership.

Lydia Winters, Head of Brand, Mojang

Lydia's session outlined the experience in building the Minecraft experience first at Mojang and then at Mojang/MS.

Malcolm Larri, Owner at Brave Personal Development / Head of Operations Coordinatum

Malcolm is a Master Practitioner of NLP and has been coaching people since 1997. He is also Head of Operations for an event management company conducting B2B events across Europe.

In his session, Managing Change & The Art of Pitching, Malcolm outlined the 3 fundamental elements of managing change and provided insights and skills on how pitch in the most influential way to get buy in on change, and lead people through the change process.

Martin Deinoff, CEO ITCH

Itch is a new lab and studio in Sweden and Norway. They work closely with clients, innovating business models, products, services and communication. From trend analysis and user insights to prototypes and detailed visualisation. 

Martin is a strong believer in the mantra “actions speak louder than words”. His straightforward approach to bold innovation is firmly rooted in creating real customer value and powerful business models. As the  CEO of Itch, Martin draws from decades of experience as co-founder and SVP of the digital agency Creuna.

Lars Millberg, Head of Digital Banking at SEB

Leadership in transformation - from thought to execution.
Lars shares his thoughts on keys in creating a common vision and strategy for digital transformation, and then executing on it. He also shares insights on upcoming digital transformation of the banking industry.

Karolina Roslund, Owner Transformind AB

Interacting and developing with our customers in all parts of our organizations increase the automatization and usage of data exponentially. Tools and techniques for implementation and we will discuss the possibilities and challenges as a leader. 

Elisabet Stahlenius, Ex-Communication Director for SOS Childrens Villages

Communication Director, Marketing Director and leader with a broad experience. Skilled in leading, change management and development. Experienced from leading and participating in management teams, and reporting to board.

Olle Svensson, Partner @Co:LabX, Speaker

Mistakes and prototyping as part of Business Transformation. About mistakes, our culture of optimization and an alternative way

Trying to plan our way ahead in a world we really don’t understand might not be the best approach. Instead, encouraging exploration and mistakes might be important aspects leading us forward. According to Olle Svensson - of Co:LabX - this is most certainly the case. He takes a pragmatic look behind mistakes, our belief in knowledge and our present day optimization culture and how’s not necessarily leading us in the right way. With relatively small means we can lay a better foundation for what’s needed in order for organizations to operate in an increasingly volatile and uncertain context, and how facilitating a curious, innovative and accepting climate isn’t out of reach.

The Folksam Jury

Martin Randler, Chief Digital Officer, Folksam
Per Ardehed, Head of Sales & Service, Folksam
Henrik Johansson, Business Analyst, Folksam
Anna Lyrmark, Product Owner, Folksam
Anna Hagensgård, Hyper Island, representing the brief persona


Innovation Project

Fran Merino from Fjord – Our industry leader

Fran Merino from Fjord – Our industry leader


Developing innovative ideas and solutions is of vital importance when it comes to working in digital environments. Knowing how to change or create more effective processes, products and ideas, can increase the likelihood of a project or business succeeding as it continually adapts to change. But how can you find originality to create something new or improve something?

This project challenges the students to show innovation in the identification and conceptualisation of new ideas or transformation of existing ideas. 

The aim of this project is to explore what innovation is, how startups innovate, how traditional companies can learn from innovative organisations and how you can be innovative yourself. 

This is about the innovation mindset and about how innovation happens inside organisations. The module looks at contrasting views of innovation and draws on widely different examples and industries. We look for radical plans and daring innovations that will lead to new business ventures or important changes to your existing organisations.

Fran Merino, Group Design Director @ FJORD – Industry Leader

As Group Design Director for Fjord’s Stockholm studio, Fran functions as ‘creative agent’ to pitches, workshops and other new biz projects as required, contributing to the overall experience, quality and innovation. He works closely with business development teams in pursuing new business leads and converting client briefs into booked projects, provide support with creative input, client meetings, presentations and proposal writing.

Marco Barbosa, Creative Web Developer and Partner at 14islands

Web Developer with strong focus on creativity and nice experiences. Currently a partner and believer at 14islands, Stockholm based company that specializes in Responsive Web Design and front-end development.

Fredrik Hallberg, Consultant at Kapero. ‘Innovating for the Future’

Innovations while most ideas die at birth? Is there a secret formula for success or is it all just a matter of serendipity and timing? In recent years we have witnessed tremendous scientific progress in the field of network- and chaos theory, giving us a more comprehensive picture of the forces at work and why they decide the future of all organisations.   

The session provides a broader picture of what innovation really is and why all classical business books and corporate models fail as a recipe for how to “manufacture” a commercial success.  


Anna Åkesson, Head of E-commerce at Hemköp


Fabio Mastroianni, Business Design Lead at Fjord

Fabio Mastroianni is a digital business professional with 18+ years of experience in design, business strategy, business development, client services, program/product management. As a Business Designer, he leverages Design Thinking to solve complex business problems and deliver user-centric solutions, which create business value and are technology grounded.

Malcolm Larri, Professional Development Coach


Our amazing Innovation Coaches (from left)

Barry O'Brien – Startup Advisor and Head of Growth Marketing,
Malcolm Larri – Professional Development Coach, Brave
Ulrika Lundin – Innovation Coach, SKL
Stina Carlsson Reich – Head of Business Design, Doberman
Fran Merino – Group Design Director, FJORD

Mahesh Kumar, CEO Result and FitnessCollection AB, Co-Founder of Epicenter

He is the CEO at Result, a growth advisory outfit that since 1999 has helped fast growing digital businesses internationalise into new markets and working with corporates to drive innovation with impact. Result has created and launched over 350 companies international and worked with over 20 of the largest corporates to create digital innovation programs. Result also owns and co-operates Stockholm’s largest innovation house called Epicenter Stockholm.

Stina Liland, Program Director Nordics Startup 500 etc.

In her role as program director at 500 Startups she focused on sourcing companies, establishing partnerships with corporates and startup communities, developing program content, recruiting mentors and operations associates, as well as building the profile of the 500 Startups brand in the region.

500 Nordics is bringing Silicon Valley best practices to the Nordics. The main focus is helping Nordic companies expand beyond the region through marketing and distribution. We have invested in 27 companies and ran two successful accelerator programs in Oslo and Stockholm so far.

Martin Anderlin, Head of Business Development & Communication, Northvolt

Martin Anderlind co-founded Itrim Sverige AB in April 2003 and serves as its Managing Director of Itrim International. Mr. Anderlind has been active in executive positions at Itrim since April 2003.

In 1995 he co-founded the consultancy company Netsolutions which 1999 merged with Framtidsfabriken (later name changed to Framfab) and was floated on the Stockholm stock exchange. During this time he was mainly involved in sales, marketing and PR, but also dealt with personnel, management and board issues both in good times and in bad, and served as Managing Director of the venture capital company Framfab Innovation.

Mr. Anderlind has extensive experience from board work from finance company Captive Finance Ltd. (Hong Kong, sold to Fortis Lease), market research company QuickWise AB and child products company Baby Björn AB among others. Mr. Anderlind has a masters degree in business and economics from Uppsala University. He studied at MIT Sloan and Harvard Business School.

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