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Curators of Sweden

SWEDEN, 2015


Being Sweden

Every week, someone in Sweden is @Sweden: sole ruler of the world’s most democratic Twitter account. For seven days, he or she recommends things to do and places to see, sharing diverse opinions, and ideas along the way. After that, someone else does the same – but differently. Follow all nine million of us. Welcome to Sweden.

As the first country in the world, Sweden hands over the country’s official Twitter account to its citizens.The project Curators of Sweden is an initiative of the Swedish institute and VisitSweden, both part of NSU, the National Board for the promotion of Sweden. Every week another person receives exclusivity over the Twitter account @sweden, which aims to present the country of Sweden through the mix of skills, experiences and opinions it actually consists of. By means of the various curators’ narrations, not one Sweden is conveyed, but several.

Between March 2-8, Jenny Theolin was @Sweden.
She created #CreativeSweden and, and you can read all her tweets here.


Week Overview

1, 812 @ Mentions
1, 353 Retweets
498 new followers
Tweeting behaviour: 50% Conversation, 50% Updates. 24% with new contacts, 76% with existing contacts
188 photo links outbound
416 plan text outbound

#HiLars statistics from 8th of March

82 posts
234 users
389,946 reach
5,858,398 impressions

The #SwedishMusic playlist. Follow it here.