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The Last Stand


Together with Marc, we devised a marketing strategy, designed an exhibition website and acted as PR representative for the book launch. The project got featured on VICE,, Grafik and many more websites. Have a look below for the exposure links. All the available book at the launch sold out on the night.

Over four years photographer Marc Wilson traveled to 143 locations  along the coastlines of the UK, The Channel Islands, Northern & Western France, Denmark, Belgium and Norway to capture the photographs making up his new book The Last Stand.

The series is made up of 86 images and is documenting some of the physical remnants of the Second World War on the coastlines of the British Isles and northern Europe, focusing on military defence structures that remain and their place in the shifting landscape that surrounds them. By photographing remaining man-made military defence structures situated around their coastal areas, which now sit silently in the landscape, imbued with recent history, Wilson has created a permanent photographic record of the past. 

Book Launch Event
December 9, 2014

Exhibition Run
December 10 – 13, 2014


The Photography

The Book

The Launch


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