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We educate

We love helping shape future creatives.

This is why we lecture and collaborate alongside international establishments like Shillington College (UK), Hyper Island (UK & SWE), Berghs School of Communication (SWE), Limkokwing University of Creative Technology (UK) and Volda University College (Norway).


Industry Leader, Branding & Communication, Hyper Island Stockholm, 2015
Industry Leader, Running a Digital Business, Hyper Island, Stockholm, 2015
Lecture, Planning, Hyper Island, Stockholm, 2015
Guest Lecture, Copywriting, Hyper Island, Stockholm, 2015
Guest Lecture, Film Production, Hyper Island, Stockholm, 2015
Collaborator and Lecturer, Communication Design, Berghs School of Communication, 2015
Lecture, Planning, Berghs School of Communication, 2015
Guest Lecture, Copywriting, Guest Lecture, Berghs School of Communication, 2015
Guest Lecture, Creative Commercial Photography, Volda University College, 2015
Keynote speaker, Ebola Poster Competition, Limkokwing University, 2014
Guest Lecturer, MA Digital Media, Hyper Island, Manchester, 2014
Graphic Design Teacher, Shillington College, London, 2014


Small Talk, Birmingham, 2014
BLAB, Manchester, 2014
Glug London, Creative Start-ups co-host, 2013
Brite: London, Creativity in Events, Eventbrite, London, 2013

As always she was inspiring and full of advice from how to work with the press and finding the good in the bad situations. The students really understood and were lifted by her words and to quote Masters Student Dania Ryezel “I love that she’s very animated and excited to talk about what she does because it’s apparent that she is passionate about her work. It reminded me why I love doing what I do and that it is possible to do something and make something out of it. Maybe not as much as you could have in a big companies but the reward is indescribable. I think she’s a good reminder to many HI students. Like there are so any ways to achieve great things in life by doing what you do.” Jenny adds dynamism to any situation and thats what makes a great person to talk/work with.
— TASH WILLCOX, Programme Manager MA Digital Media Management at Hyper Island
Always buzzing with creativity and with a genuinely friendly, sparkly personality I knew she would be perfect as guest lecturer for my Creative Commercial Photography students. And she did not disappoint! She did her talk via Skype, but it was like she was there in the room. Throughout her talk she kept a dialogue with the students, made them relax and always kept them interested. The talk was on “creative commercial photography and the role of the art/creative director” - and with her great sense of humour it was more like a show than just “another boring lecture”. Jenny had taken time to prepare visuals and inspiring bullet points too - and the students have since joked a lot about “stock photography” (which Jenny has a thing or two to say about). Several students have since mentioned her talk as hugely inspiring, through the Q&A they got answers to a lot of their worries about “the future”. Couldn’t recommend Jenny enough, in other words. Oh, and she even helped them come up with some creative ideas of their own. Book her - NOW!l
— SILJA HADDAL MORK, Media Design Lecturer Høgskulen i Volda, Norway